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General Warranty Information 

Texas Pro Locksmiths Warranty

If you unfortunately encounter any problem or issue with a lock or part or service given to you by Texas Pro Locksmiths, here are the warranties that would apply as well as the warranty claim processes.

Locksmithing and Auto Locksmithing

Texas Pro Locksmiths offers a 30 Days warranty for various products and services, starting from the invoice date of the service. The following products and services have a 30 Days warranty from the original invoice date. Texas Pro Locksmiths offers a single warranty period to a product or service.

New Locks

New Authentic Factory Car Keys

New Car Locks/Parts

Transponder Keys that are Non-Remote


Texas Pro Locksmiths offers the products and services below with a month warranty starting the invoice date originally made. Texas Pro Locksmiths again offer only one single warranty period to a product or service paid:

Repaired Locks

Repaired Keys or New Rekeys

Remote Car Keys as well as Fobs

Car Lock Repairs that are under a Decade Old (30 Days warranty would apply for automobiles that re over a decade old)

We are extremely confident with the quality that we provide with all Texas Pro Locksmiths products and services that we can offer a 1-year replacement warranty. We extremely believe in our products and services that we can get you a new product or replacement if the one we sold you has defects in the material or the workmanship.

Accessory items, including locks, handles, hinges, lock cylinders, and rollers are all covered by a 30 Days replacement guarantee we offer.

Warranty Limitations

Since Texas Pro Locksmiths offers you products and services that are meant for one’s residential use, the warranty would only cover normal residential uses. This means, damage as a result of various events may not be covered, including:

Poor or improper use or use that are not for residential purposes

Intentional Damage

Repairs or alterations not made by the company


Forced as well as attempted forced entry

Events that are outside of the company’s control including flood, earthquake, fire, natural calamity, accident, civil unrest, strike, war or terrorism.

Warranty Exclusions

The warranty of Texas Pro Locksmiths also is not applicable to cases such as:

Services or products that have been impaired by wear and tear

Intentional damage or misuse to a product or service, whether due to neglect or accident

Exposure to vapors, chemicals, corrosives, abrasive compounds, pollution, coastal air, contamination, high humidity or salt spray

Issues Regarding Lock alignment (Because of ground movement or door frame movement)

Property damage, economic loss, or personal injury however caused won’t be covered or shouldered by a warranty

Forced entry as well as attempted forced entry

Door closers that are not included in the warranty

Consumer Law Requirements

Texas Pro Locksmiths will give a 30 Days warranty for its lock products and services. In addition, these warranties complement the rights you have under law. Customers have the right to a refund or replacement in cases of a major failure on our products and services. Customers also can seek for compensation in cases that lead to a fair and reasonable fair loss or damage. Customers are also given the rights to have the products or services repaired or even replaced if they fail to meet quality standards and such issues lead to a substantial or major failure.

 Making a Warranty Claim

If you a customer and you feel you have to issue a warranty claim, you are free to message the contact listed below.

Company Name: Texas Pro Locksmiths

Full Address: 7543 Grissom Rd, Ste 124. San Antonio, TX. 78251

Primary Phone: (210) 469-9779

Primary Mail: [email protected]

Secondary Mail: [email protected]

When you send a complaint, Texas Pro Locksmiths will evaluate the claims you have in your email and gauge whether it needs to replace or replace a lock or product, or even conduct another service to handle your concern—as soon as possible. Any replacement products or services as well as repairs not authorized by Texas Pro Locksmiths will not fall under the company’s warranty. Texas Pro Locksmiths will be afforded the first opportunity to check or investigate any warranty claim. If this happens otherwise, all the company’s warranties on its products or services will be considered null and void.

Disclaimer on Locks, Lock Fitting as well as Security:

Texas Pro Locksmiths will install the locks and security measures you need, according to the industry’s standards and best practices. Security products provided and installed by Texas Pro Locksmiths are a strong deterrent and measure that can provide customers with reasonable and fair reasonable protection of a customer’s home or business establishment. Texas Pro Locksmiths will accept no responsibility, offer no guarantees and therefore should not be held accountable for personal injuries, damage in the property, or economic loss however it is caused or for various security breaches as a result of forced or even attempted forced entry, intentional damage, or events outside of one’s control.

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