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Texas Pro Locksmiths Guarantee

Texas Pro Locksmiths aims to provide customers with the best and highly efficient repairs and services. Our expert locksmiths are also guaranteed to be trained and skilled. The services they provide are topped alongside the industry’s best quality tools, processes, and parts.

First Class Customer Service

Texas Pro Locksmiths gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction; hence, we are fully committed to giving our customers the highest quality of customer service. This is applied and looked after before, during, or even after each service. By doing so, we hope to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers for continued service.

It is our mission to always provide the best guarantee there is for all of our products, including the parts or services used for services. After walking you through your locksmith needs, our technicians will be there to provide you with assistance regarding our services. They will then visit your property at an agreed schedule.

Please do not hesitate to ask our locksmith about any tips or suggestions that you feel asking. They are trained to provide customers with concrete knowledge about any locksmith need. At the same time, they can help you assess what needs to be further done in order to ensure safety and quality.

Texas Pro Locksmiths carry an extensive range of brands of locks, including the multi-point ones designed mainly for wooden and metal doors, among others.

To further give you an idea about our guarantee, we have outlined some examples as well as their respective conflicts or cases that invalidate it. If you have questions or you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kindly use the contact details found after this Guarantee statement.

What Are Included In Our Guarantee

  • Any type of issues or faults relating to parts that are used for the original service. For instance, our technicians were tasked to provide service but only covered a certain product. The parts or items not in concern will not be covered; otherwise, it will be attended to at no additional cost, whatsoever, to the customer.
  • Any type of issues or faults relating to the service provided by the company’s team of technicians. For instance, our technicians made some locksmith repairs but, for whatever reason, damages other items like a keychain.

What Are Not Included In Our Guarantee

  • Any type of issues or faults of any kind caused or resulted after the repair is provided
  • Any type of issues or faults caused by mishandling; hence, a bend or crack exists
  • Any form of damage resulting from misuse of any type whatsoever
  • Any damage caused by liquid or soaking
  • Any issues unrelated to the repair or service requested
  • Any type of issues or faults not relating to the original repair done or performed by our technicians. For instance, our technicians were tasked to replace or repair an item but a faulty part already existed beforehand. This faulty item or part will not be covered by this guarantee.
  • If another repair is done after our repair service by someone other than a Texas Pro Locksmiths technician, this automatically voids the guarantee in question.
  • Any pre-condition issues or faults from before the service of the company is requested.
  • Any known manufacturing and/or performance issues or faults that are totally separated from the repair, as noted prior to the service.
  • If customers find a fault or issue after the service has been provided, it is recommended for them to contact Texas Pro Locksmiths immediately or at least within 3 days of original date of service.

Quality Locksmith Service

Our technicians here at Texas Pro Locksmiths specialize in various emergency lockout situations. Not only are they trained, but they also have the experience and skills to perform lock repairs and replacements, as well as rekey services. As already mentioned above, it is the company’s heartfelt goal to ensure your privacy and your safety.

We truly understand how urgent these emergency situations can be; hence, we offer 24/7 availability. Our business ideals are established with the elements of efficiency and quality, all of which are excellently practiced by our locksmith professionals.

This guarantee is only valid and exclusive to customers who purchase or subscribe to the services offered by Texas Pro Locksmiths. The company, however, requires that the customer’s name must appear on the guarantee or invoice for identification purposes. Above all, this guarantee is non-transferrable and, thus, cannot be used by any other than the individual the company deems the owner.

If you have questions, complaints, or suggestions about our guarantee here at Texas Pro Locksmiths, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with the assistance you need. If you also require our service, we can immediately provide you, expert technicians. Kindly use the contact details below for your convenience:

Texas Pro Locksmiths

7543 Grissom Rd, Ste 124. San Antonio, TX. 78251

(210) 469-9779

Primary Email: [email protected]

Secondary Email: [email protected]


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